Thursday, March 21

A list of shopping items for a ketogenic diet

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Definition of a Ketogenic diet

A Ketogenic Diet also known as a low carb diet helps the body to produce ketones. These ketones are produced in the lever and helps in providing energy to the body.

Problems you face when trying to follow a ketogenic diet

When you plan to be on a low carb diet, the first thing that should come up to your mind would be “What should you eat and what type of food items should you need to shop?” So here in this article we will provide you with a ketogenic diet shopping list. We will also provide you with the approximate prices of these food items.

Ketogenic diet shopping list

2 dozen eggs —–$6

Heavy whipping cream——4oz -$1

Parmesan Cheese (grated) ——-1 1/3 cups, 5 oz. $3

Butter — 6 tablespoons———– $0.50

4 oz. Half and Half ——- $1

¼ cup (2 oz.) of Sour cream ———–$0.25

2 cups, 1 pound of Cheddar Cheese ——–$3-4

21 oz. of Bacon ——–$8

1 lb. of 80/20 Ground Beef——–$4

14.75 oz. Canned Pink Salmon ———-$3

1 ½ pounds Broccoli florets————-$2.50

1 1/5 pounds Cauliflower————$2

4 oz. Watercress (3-4 cups) ———-$2.50-4.00

4 cups Spinach (8 oz.) ———$2.00

1 medium sized Avocado———$1-2

2 lemons———- $1.00

Chopped Fresh Chives — 0.5 oz. ———–$2.50

¼ cup 0.1 oz. Fresh Dill —–$0.50

Chopped Fresh Basil — 0.2 oz. ———$1.25

Cloves minced Garlic— 3-4 ———-$0.10

0.04 oz. dry parsley flakes———–$0.04

1 teaspoon Onion Powder 0.09———-$0.08

0.08 oz. Garlic Powder ———–$0.03

0.1 oz. Celery Salt ———-$0.10

0.05 oz. Red Chili Flakes ——–$0.03

0.03 oz. Cayenne Pepper Powder ———-$0.04

0.2 oz. kosher salt——$0.10

0.02 oz. Ground Cinnamon ———$0.02

0.02 oz. Ground Nutmeg ———$0.02

0.01 oz. Ground Ginger ———-$0.02

0.01 oz. Ground Allspice ———-$0.02

0.08 oz. Black Pepper —-$0.08

Benefits of shopping with this list in hand

Shopping with this list will definitely help you to get all the important items that you require for having a ketogenic diet. This will help you to stay fit and will also help you to keep your stomach full for a longer period of time. This diet will make you feel more energetic and at the same time will keep your body in a very good shape. Exercising for about 45 minutes a day and having this ketogenic diet you will surely get a healthy body as well as a healthy mind.


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