Is there a connection between hair loss and a ketogenic diet?

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A ketogenic diet may not necessarily be the cause of hair loss during this eating lifestyle plan. It is more likely that you’re not providing your body with the right nutrients to keep you hair follicles fed.  You are the master of your body; you need to know what you must do to keep it healthy during any diet.

Teleogen Effluvium is a disorder that affects not only your body but your hair growth and can occur when you suddenly force your body into a different state.  That is why going on the ketogenic diet requires that you do it properly and ensure you are still getting the nutrients your body needs to manage your daily routine.

What nutrients do we need for healthy hair?

Watching your high fat and low carb intake whilst on the ketogenic diet you will ensure that you supply your hair with all the minerals it needs to remain healthy and strong.

These are the key nutrients you need to make sure you have in your diet; Protein (you are getting a lot of that on this diet); Iron – loads of that in the meat you will be eating; Vitamin C – found in many of the fruits you will eat; Omega-3 – the seafood’s you can eat are high in this. Also make sure that you include Zinc, selenium and biotin.

Why zinc, biotin and selenium are important

These minerals are essential for healthy hair.  Eat enough of the foods that contain all there of these as part of your diet. If you do then you won’t be asking if the ketogenic diet and hair loss are linked.

Foods rich in these 3 minerals are things like oily fish, dark green leafy vegetables, beans and legumes

Sometimes it’s just in your genes

We have heard things like the ketogenic diet and hair loss is a real thing. However research has proven this to not be true. In many instances it is simply because you are genetically disposed to baldness or hair loss.  Yes the can be hair loss during a ketogenic diet. This is not because of the diet itself, rather the lack of nutrients in the diet to keep your hair health.

Prepare yourself

Before starting the ketogenic diet you need to make sure that you really understand what it will require of you to stay healthy.



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