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Here are some of the dangers related to a ketogenic diet

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What is a ketogenic diet?

The diet that is low on carbs and relies mainly on the fats is referred to as a ketogenic diet. People who follow this diet, mainly rely on the fat content in the food. It is this fat that acts as a fuel for the body of an individual person.

The fat content also helps in treating epilepsy and certain other diseases related to the nerves. Since these are low carb diets they also help you to lose weight. But there are also certain dangers that are associated with the ketogenic diet.

Risks that are associated with children

Ketogenic diets are however not always very good for children. There are some children who follow this diet in order to cure epilepsy. But there are certain side effects of this ketogenic diet as well that they face. These children often tend to become dehydrated and feel lethargic at times. Apart from this there are also few children who suffer from gastrointestinal issues as well as low blood sugar. These health issues are mostly faced by children when they start following this diet. But these symptoms are in most cases temporary. They tend to go once the children get habituated with the diet

Long term effects that a ketogenic diet may have on children

Those children who follow this diet on a long term basis there is a possibility that they might develop kidney stones. Following this type of a diet for a very long time often raises the cholesterol level in an individual, lowers down the bone density and also slower down the growth.

Ketonic diet dangers for adults

Researchers say that adults who follow a low carb diet for a very long time there is a higher chance of kidney damage. Other ketogenic diet dangers are abnormal heart beat, osteoporosis, lipid abnormalities and also sudden death. Ketogenic diet which is very high in proteins also have chances of cancer and diabetes. In middle aged person this kind of a diet can also lower down mortality rate. But when you are above 65 years these diets do not have any impact on your mortality.

It is true that there are a number of health-related dangers associated with this kind of a diet. However following it for a short time period you will not face any problems.


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