Who gets maximum benefits from ketogenic diet

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The hyped buzz around ketogenic diet is due to the whole idea of the freedom it gives to people who want to consume high amount of fat, yet are hoping to achieve health benefits along the way. According to Keto-purists, you have to intake fats and carbohydrates according to the 4:1 ratio i.e. eating 4 grams of fat for every gram of carbohydrate that you eat.

In order to understand who gets maximum benefits from ketogenic diet, let us understand the way it improves the functions of body to attain our health goals.

  1. Diabetics

Although a high-protein, low carb diet which is followed to maintain ketosis, is not highly beneficial for people with type-1 diabetes or hypoglycemia, it does seem to strike a chord while curing type-2 diabetes. By engaging the cells to reduce the amount of glucose, the low levels of insulin help curb the problems related to “insulin resistance.”

  1. Heart patients

Promptly reducing the amount of sugar in your diet, actually promotes heart health. The less carbs you eat, lesser are the amounts of sugar and uric acid in your body, which cause hypertension and other types of heart diseases including high blood pressure. A ketogenic diet actually promotes a healthy heart.

  1. People hoping to lose weight

The ketogenic diet strategically helps you lose weight. As you tend to eat a more satiating protein diet, the need to take snack-breaks surprisingly decreases. Not only that, but the kidneys tend to flush out the extra salts like potassium and sodium from your body, resulting in an overall decrease in the water content. This, of course helps you lose weight promptly.

  1. People suffering from fatigue and low energy

Ketosis can significantly help those who suffer from lethargy and low energy levels during the day. It promotes a general feeling of well-being and health.  It specifically targets those with inconsistent energy levels caused by sugar. When we are consuming high amounts of carbs, the sugar rush causes a certain burst in energy which tends to fall resulting in fatigue.

The above discussion clearly shows who gets maximum benefits from ketogenic diet and the variety of lifestyles that it can give value to. If you consider yourself from any of these categories, why not give ketogenic diet a try.


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