Importance of keto diet

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Keto Diet

A ketogenic diet is referred in different many terms as ketogenic diet, low carb diet or low varb high fat and many others. Generally, ketogenic diet is understood for being with a low carbohydrate diet particularly when body releases ketones in a body part, particularly the liver. The ketones produced is utilized as energy.

Importance of keto diet

Ketogenic diet has its own importance just like any other diet that we balance sail for the benefit our health. When eating something high in carbs, you make your body to release insulin and glucose.


Simple sugars, like glucose, can only exist as single units referred to monosaccharide’s. This is the simplest molecule released to the body that is being converted to be used as energy. Glucose is used by cells to control blood levels. Mostly this energy is the preferred energy that is preferred over any of the energy source.


Insulin is majorly produced to produce glucose in your system specifically by circulating it in the body. Insulin is a polypeptide consisting of about 50 amino acids used to lower raise blood nutrients especially glucose. Without insulin, to promote normal intracellular glucose metabolism, alternative energy must be provided.

Primary role

Since the glucose is referred to as the primary energy at keto diet, fats are not needed in the body whatsoever, hence therefore stored. But on a higher carbohydrate diet which is normal for the body, it will must use glucose as the main form of energy to lower the intake of carbs. When the body is induced into a state known as ketosis, is due to the energy produced for the body.

Secondary role

Ketosis is an organic process the body activates to assists the human being survive especially when the food absorption is low. Without insulin, an alternative energy should be rather used and enhanced fat breakdown occurs. This leads to excessive production of ketone bodies, which are weakly acidic. At this state, we produce ketones, that are produced from the breakdown of fats in the liver. When worsening ketosis swamps the compensatory buffer systems, control of acid or base balance is lost; the blood pH falls.


To conclude, what we want to achieve is a maintained keto diet is to make your body adhere in the metabolic condition. This can’t happen when you starve by calories even though it is through starving from carbohydrates.




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