Keto Diet that does not Work

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Keto diet could be discussed basing our cases to a receptive mind, however, in this article, we shall find out the end result that may lead to ketogenic diet not working. In the first place, keto diet becomes a problem to get into ideal ranges for ketosis because going into the territory medical intervention will be needed.

Dangers of Keto diet

People confuse high fat with diabetes, high carb diets which are not good for the body since when you consume fatty foods that are high in sugar foods, you will be endangering yourself. So, the truth is that keto diet is both better & more effective than lessening fat dieting most so when you eat foods with high in carbs & fat, the body will automatically release glucose.  Which, causes addition of weight and health issues that are related to high carbohydrate, high fat diets.

What Really Happens to My Body

When the body is accustomed to the easy routine of digesting carbs to utilize as energy, then it has to produce an arsenal of enzymes available for that primarily for storage. Abruptly your system will have to suffer from the increase in fats and lack of glucose, by accumulating up another enzymes supply.

Development Period

The time you begin your ketogenic diet in the 1st week, reports like mental fogginess, headaches, aggravation, and dizziness always happen because of the electrolytes being cleaned out because ketosis has a diuretic impact. Actually, many of this passing groggy feeling could lead to the biggest risk referred to as Keto Flu.

Side Effects that are common to Keto Diet

  1. When starting a ketogenic diet Cramps are common things happening at night or in the morning due to a shortage of minerals, especially magnesium.
  2. Constipation prompted by dehydration could be solved only by taking more water & ensuring vegs have fiber that will assist.
  3. Heart Beats occurs when transiting to keto & discovered that your heart is thumping both harder and faster and the solution is to ensure that you drink adequate water that has enough salt.
  4. Lessening Physical functioning may appear & you may see some imperfections on your accomplishment when you begin the usage of a keto diet.


There are other problems that are not covered here. Never the less you require being very watchful that you do not end up in a situation of the ketogenic diet not working especially when stating off.




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