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How About Ketogenic Diet and Alcohol?

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A ketogenic diet is the best way to lose weight, but it is also a lifeway change that will stick with you for life. While you won’t be consuming the low levels of carbs you used to while you are losing weight once you reach your target, you will need to limit carbs in your diet to keep those results.

Definitely, there are other things you have to give up during the limit, initial induction phase that you may not want to give up for the rest of your life. One of these, for some people, is alcohol.

How does alcohol affect ketosis?

Alcohol has an great impact on losing weight through a ketogenic diet, even when you drink low carb or carb free alcoholic beverages. It is because the body can use alcohol as a fuel source. It is not stored as glycogen, like carbs, so once it is burned off you will go straight back into ketosis.

However, this does mean you are losing some fat when you drink. How much this affects your weight loss depends between individuals. Some people rely on their weight loss stature if they drink alcoholic, while others find they can drink good amounts of wine, hard liquor or a low carb beer and keep losing weight.

Drink alcohol on a Ketogenic Diet?

If you find satisfaction in drinking alcohol then, you can try associating some low carb alcoholic drinks into your ketogenic diet , and see the results. Some people think they can drink vodka with no problems but their weight loss standing if they drink wine.

It is a matter of seeing what works for you, and then analyzing the pros and cons of having a drink when you want to consider it. If it is a special event, you might accept a potential weight loss stall to have some champagne, but you may not be prepared to accept the stall for a quick drink after work with your friends.

Once you know the impact of alcohol on your own standing, you can make better decisions and can control of what you are doing.

Alcohol tolerance on a Ketogenic Diet?

Absolutely yes! You can see that your alcohol tolerance is gradually decreasing while following a ketogenic diet. This is caused by two factors: 1. alcohol will be burned before your body resumes burning fat for energy, so the alcohol you intake will start to be metabolized immediately.

You will be restricted to eating pizza and other food, but crab-related foods that drunken people normally eat, which normally help to soak alcohol in the stomach and slow down the intoxication process. For some, this restricted tolerance is a problem . The amount of alcohol you could once intake usually without feeling intoxicating effects will now leave you with a solid state.

Best kinds of alcohol to drink on a Ketogenic Diet?

While there is no best kind of alcohol to drink while following a Ketogenic Diet, there are certainly kind of alcohol that are carb-free or very low in carbs. You may consider the following:  zero-carb liquors which includes Brandy, Cognac, Gin, Rum, Scotch, Tequila, Whiskey and Vodka.


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