Sunday, February 25

Ketogenic diet and cardiovascular disease

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A ketogenic diet is all about when you start in taking fats instead of carbohydrates in your daily diet. The resultant metabolic state is called ketosis. This kind of diet can reduce blood sugar and levels of insulin. Further it has also got multiple health benefits. It can help you in losing weight and fat as well. In fact this kind of diet is used to cure different kinds of cancer and tumor growth. People with acne problems can also switch to this diet as lower insulin levels and consuming less sugar as well as processed food items help to cure acnes.

Start your diet now

So does it feel challenging when you are about to follow a ketogenic diet? Here are some items that you can have being on a ketogenic diet like mutton, beef, lamb, pastured pork, venison and poultry. Fishes include wild and sea fishes. Even ghee, gelatin, and butter can also be consumed as well as drink beverages like coffee with cream, black coffee, black tea and herbal tea. It’s also good to have nuts like almonds, walnuts, pecans, flaxseed, pumpkin seeds, hazel, pine nuts, sunflower seeds, hemp seeds, sesame seeds, Brazil nuts, etc. Having cheese, boiled eggs, olives, egg based meals, strawberries, dark chocolates, cream, etc. are also a good option.

Avoid these items in ketogenic diet

Milk is not recommended as because it is difficult to digest and also lacks the ‘good’ bacteria. Try some healthy versions of popular drinks and cocktails. Have smoothies instead of fresh fruit juices. While you are taking this kind of a food remember about ketogenic diet and cardiovascular disease as because this diet helps you to cure such diseases.

Functioning of a ketogenic diet

When you are on this diet, you should know how the diet actually works. It depletes the glycogen inside your body by forcing it to burn fat so that it can supply energy to the body cells. When the glucose is limited the brain metabolizes the waste product of fat metabolism which actually is the ketone bodies. More mitochondria are needed to metabolize them. The extra mitochondria present in neurons have more or less stabilizing effect on the brain thus preventing seizure. Go for a ketogenic diet and cardiovascular disease can too be prevented.


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