Ketogenic diet with cheat day

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Food that you should be forbidden in ketogenic diet

As you will suppose, in the ketogenic diet you must completely eliminate all types of cereals, legumes, alcohol and fruit of high glycemic index (almost all). You should keep in mind that you should not use the ketogenic diet with cheat day, since you would be cheating yourself. There is no really free food that you can eat unlimited, since you have to balance the percentages of macronutrients and the total amount of calories.

There are also many foods like milk, which in order to incorporate them into your diet; you must do it in a very calculated way.

Foods not allowed in the ketogenic diet

  • Fruits: Although they are a very healthy food, they are not allowed, since most fruits are off the list because of the high sugar contents they contain.
  • Cereals: consumption is not allowed.
  • Legumes: avoid incorporating them into your daily diet, as they are high in carbohydrates.

What to drink and what not?

Of course as in every diet, you must drink water and also the typical infusions like tea, this is how this liquid will become a totally natural diuretic and you will eliminate toxins as you go hydrating. Avoid coffee consumption. To keep your body with the amount of fluid it needs and feel good, you should drink at least 2 liters of water per day alternating with the intake of some tea. Try not to drink liquid at all but throughout the day even at night. Of course you should not add sugar.

What to do with the cravings?

It will always happen that during the day you want to eat a rich sandwich or something sweet. To avoid eating things that do not belong to the diet and that will not help you lose weight, pay attention to the foods you can eat in those moments of anxiety. Do not do what we have already mentioned before, perform the ketogenic diet with cheat day.

Avoid sweeteners

You should not eat anything sweet for the ketogenic diet to work effectively and help you lose weight. As for sweeteners, you should buy those that are artificial and if you can avoid it will be better.

If you need them, you can opt for those that are liquids that do not contain as much binders.


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