Sunday, February 25

Ketogenic Diet For Dogs

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Is your dog eating well? Find out with these tips

Have you stopped to think how many diseases have our dogs that do not have the rest of animals? Have you stopped to think that, for example, they are the only ones that have cavities, cataracts, obesity and even cancer? There are hundreds of health problems that our canine friends have never had before and can be avoided with a good diet.

Keep in mind about toxic food for dogs

Before you offer your dog a new food, do your research to make sure it is safe. Some foodstuffs for human consumption are toxic and harmful to dogs, such as: chocolate, onions, grapes, raisins, yeast dough, artificial sweeteners, avocados, alcohol or coffee.

Natural food is an excellent way to control the right weight of your dog; in addition it usually contains fewer additives and is more digestive. So it can be a healthy and healthy option to consider.

What foods or diets can I give them?

The ideal would be to feed them with all kinds of meats, eggs, fish and some raw vegetables. It is also good for them to chew, not to give them everything crushed and tiny, a good bone from time to time is going great.

How can I start a diet for my dog?

If you want to go further, you can try a ketogenic diet for dogs by eliminating sugars and flours from their diet. And making sure he drinks only 20 grams net of carbohydrates at first.

But before starting that diet, remember that your best ally is your four-legged companion. On the other hand it will be basic to consult with the veterinary professional to guide you and indicate the steps to follow, it is logical not to start a diet without knowing if our dog can suffer anemia or is free of any disease.

A canine diet that came to stay

It is amazing to see the effects of ketogenic diet for dogs after only a few months on your dog: a brighter hair, improved weight control, reduced stool and odor, healthier teeth, reduced risk of allergies to certain foods, less hair loss, among other benefits. In general they enjoy better health and even many go to the veterinarian in few occasions, thanks to the diet.


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