Ketogenic Diet and Epilepsy

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This is one of the most known neurological illness after stroke referred to as a neurological illness associated with typical destruction in the known electrical functioning in the mind. It is usually diagnosed in a person who has a recurrent and unprovoked seizures comes when cortical neurons hyper synchronously, leading to temporary disruption of normal mind function that can affect either the muscles, the senses or the consciousness.

Impacts of Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a known as a variable condition that are not similar with its impact from person to person. In fact, the only common thing is the main symptom when abnormal brain activity results in repeated seizures that ranges from brief lapses to severe and prolonged convulsions. A seizure can be confined to one part of the brain leading to a loss of consciousness. Epilepsy may have for a sort of excuse; some forms have been grouped into the epileptic syndromes, most of which start in when you are a child.

Ketogenic Diet and Epilepsy

These ketogenic foods could be remembered as far as Hippocrates time to heal epilepsy in a successful manner. Today, the best mostly utilized therapies for the children that have unregulated epilepsy. Using the keto foods to heal epilepsy is a great method to induce ketosis and greater amount of the intake of fats and carbohydrate restriction instead of fasting or starvation.

Benefits of Ketogenic diet and Epilepsy

The main benefit of the keto food & epilepsy is by it allowing few treatments to be utilized when controlling it and the suggested framework of function for the anticonvulsant impact of the keto food are:

a). The condition of ketosis

b). Reduced amount of glucose

c). increase in the fatty acids

d). Improved bioenergetic stores

There is also a theory for the responsibility of ketone to the anti-convulsant functions because of its effect on the part of the neurotransmitters.


To finalize, using the keto diet is a proven professional therapy used either in children or even adults. The ketogenic diet is a rich fat with adequate-protein and minimal carbohydrate foods that is used mainly in healing epilepsy in kids. The foods break down fats and the carbohydrates that is bodies constituted in diet are transformed into the glucose, which is carried with the body to help in driving mind-function




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