Ketogenic diet explained

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Ketogenic diet is not at all a new concept. It has been there for a number of years. It is quite similar to the atkin’s diet. You will also find the Paleo and the South Beach diet very similar to this kind of a diet. Ketogenic diets are mainly of three types- Standard, targeted and cyclical. All these three types are very similar to each other. The difference only lies in the timings and the limits of the carbohydrate consumption.

Ketogenic diet explained in details in this article. Going through this article will surely help you understand the entire process that will help you to maintain a healthy life style.

How does this ketogenic diet work?

This is quite similar to any other diet and compels the body to go into ketosis. In this process the fats in place of carbohydrates are burnt to produce the required amount of energy. A person who wants to follow a ketogenic diet has to consume very high amount of fat and also an adequate amount of protein.

The consumption of carbohydrate has to be really less. When you consume lesser amount of carbohydrate the body is not able to use it for producing energy. So the fat cells that are there tend to break up and produce the amount of energy that is required by the body.

Reduces the blood sugar level in the body

Consuming carbohydrates tend to increase the blood sugar level in the body of an individual. The decreased level of blood sugar makes you feel less hungry. The moment when you do not feel hungry you tend to consume lesser amount of food. Thus your body weight tends to decrease. The insulin is a hormone in the body that tells the body to store more fat. But when the insulin level is decreased there will much lesser amount of fat stored in the body.

How to follow a ketogenic diet?

Ketogenic diets help in balancing the macro nutrient ratios in the body. Ketogenic diet allows you to consume food and hence the chances of munching now and then are considerably reduced. Following this diet helps you to eat filling food with lesser carbohydrate. Limiting carbohydrate intake will definitely reduce the amount of calorie consumption which will thereby reduce your weight.



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