Ketogenic Diet Play An Important Role In Thyroid Function

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Our forefathers firmly believed that low carb foods had left some effect on our organ systems. They believed that the low carb foods could be the cause of dysfunction of the kidney or osteoporosis. A new outlook or thought has taken a new shape, particularly about the hormone systems or gut bacteria. The Thyroid is a disease which becomes common in modern society. Now the question is how does it connect with the ketogenic diet?

Slower metabolism in thyroid disease

The thyroid is a common disease nowadays. In this disease the hormones get disorder due to the slower metabolism, as a result, the patient gains weight. Whereas the ketogenic diets give you the weight loss facilities and hence people want to take this diet nowadays. People want to reduce the fat from their body and that can be possible if their intake is low carbohydrate food. Therefore, the ketogenic diet and thyroid are interrelated.

Carbohydrate is required for thyroid disease

For maintaining and controlling the carbohydrate energy, thyroid hormones are important. In another way, we can say that we get glucose energy from carbohydrate that produces thyroid hormones. But ultimately brain is the part of the body that controls the thyroid hormone regulation.

Function of ketogenic diet

Ketogenic food controls carbohydrate intake and allows the body to take carbohydrate twenty to fifty grams per day. The will help your body to produce ketones fuel from fats instead of depending on glucose energy. Hence we can say that the ketogenic diet and thyroid are interrelated. The research has proved that after the starvation period if you are given carbohydrate your thyroid hormones will become normal. There is still a doubt when we say decreasing carbohydrate intake will lower the ketosis.

In what way ketogenic diet is linked with thyroid?

It is evident that controlling your calorie for a longer period or even your fasting habit will reduce your hormone production. As a result, it will slow down your metabolic process. The slower metabolic system is desirable, particularly for those who are suffering from the underactive thyroid. Ketogenic food gives you the feeling of starvation or fasting because your metabolic process has become slow. One more thing is when you make a practice of regular exercise for a long period, you can enhance your calorie and carbohydrate requirements as well.


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