How does ketogenic diet reduce edema?

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What is edema?

Edema is the other name for swelling. In this type of a health condition the body parts tend to swell and this is caused either due to inflammation or injury. This disease normally affects a very small part of the body. Edema can be caused due to pregnancy or due to any infection or medication. During edema the small blood vessels tend to leak out fluid on to the nearby tissues. This extra fluid increases the swelling of the tissues present. Edema can affect any part of the body.

Following a ketogenic diet edema can be reduced

Food like egg yolk and green leafy vegetables are very much a part of the ketogenic diet and these can definitely prevent swelling in the body. There are different types of edema – cerebral, pulmonary, macular edema etc. This diet often reduces the inflammatory markers as well.

Causes of edema

Edema can be caused due to several reasons. When the moving of fluid from one part of the body to another is blocked edema may cause. Even when there is a blood clot in the deeper veins of the leg there is a possibility of leg edema. Even in case of tumor blocking edema may be caused. There are also certain life threatening infections like burns that can cause edema. It may also be caused due to a congestive heart failure. When the heart gets weak it pumps in lesser amount of blood that often results in an edema. Moreover when the right side of your heart fails edema might cause in abdomen as well.

There are also other reasons for edema. Edema is also caused when there is a lesser amount of albumin in your blood. The best way to replenish this deficiency is to have a lot of egg whites. Edema might cause due to certain kidney related diseases as well.

Consult a dietician

It is true that when you follow a ketogenic diet edema will be reduced. However it is always better to consult a dietician before following this kind of a diet. A dietician will check your health condition and based on this will provide you with the right kind of a diet chart. Following this diet chart along with a proper medication edema will surely be reduced and you will be able to lead a healthy life style.



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