Is ketogenic diet safe for people having diabetes?

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If you are the person having diabetics than there are bright chances that you are always looking for the diet which contains less blood sugar. This is the only thing you can do to avoid the daily medication and insulin shots.  Perhaps you can achieve the better insulin level and blood sugar management by managing your diet. In case if you are diabetic, carbohydrate limitation can do wonder.

Ketogenic as weight loss diet for diabetes patient

Ketogenic diet and diabetes are inevitable together for the patient having type 2 diabetes.  It might seem different as for how can a high-fat diet reduce the weight. Many people with diabetes have extra weight. This can negatively affect their body. Doctors recommend losing the weight with the ketogenic diet plan. As ketogenic diet plan can help in to increase the energy while reducing the level of glucose. For the diabetes patient ketogenic diet includes products such as eggs, cottage cheese, nuts, and seeds.

 Monitoring diabetes

The ketogenic diet is straightforward diet plan which can be followed anywhere. You can also start the plan while being in the hospital. The doctors can help you to monitor the level of diabetes while consuming the meal as per ketogenic diet plan. Your physician needs to monitor the level of blood glucose and ketone in your body. This can help to know that being a patient, ketogenic diet and diabetes does not cause any side effects.  Once you and your body adjust as per the given diet you can head back to your home. Perhaps you need to test your level of glucose and ketone twice in a month just for prevention. You can contact your doctor for getting the best testing schedule.

 Research on diabetes patients

There are so many researches done on the patients having diabetes and consuming ketogenic diet.  As per the data, type 2 diabetes patients who followed the ketogenic diet plan are doing better in terms of glucose control as compared to the people without ketogenic diet.

A study defined that 32 weeks of ketogenic diet process can outperform in weight loss for the diabetes people. So there is no harm to use the ketogenic diet for the diabetic patient. Even it can help them to reduce the extra pound which can improve their health. Better to take suggestion and advice from the physician before consuming ketogenic diet plan.



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