Ketogenic diet side effects

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Even though a ketogenic diet is a great way to reduce weight and keep yourself healthy, there are numerous ketogenic diet side effects which should be considered before starting the diet:

  1. Keto Flu:

 Keto flu is the most common side effect reported by people when they start on a ketogenic diet. It is called a flu, because it has all the general symptoms such as headaches, nausea, runny nose and body fatigue etc. This occurs because the body is still looking for sugar to burn off instead of using fat to generate energy.

  1. Dizziness

As the body is not used to burning fat for fuel, the energy reserves are soon depleted. This results in dizziness and feeling drowsy all the time. Although this feeling is more pronounced in the first week or so, it reduces as time progresses. Don’t exert yourself and avoid strenuous exercise during this initial period to accommodate for low strength.

  1. Increase in Urination

 Due to low levels of insulin, when you stop eating sugars and carbs, the kidneys excrete sodium while the liver burns off the reserved sugar. This means you will have to pee a lot to compensate for these processes.

 Sugar Cravings

It’s easy to understand that as you cut off your sugar intake, your body goes into defensive mode. It starts craving the thing, it is used to eating all the time. These are not as easy as just yearning for sugar. They actually feel a whole lot worse and come in the form of shivers and extreme fatigue.

  1. Metabolic Changes

 Moving towards a low carb diet can either result in constipation or end up causing diarrhea. Constipation occurs because of low levels of liquid in your body. Take in high-fiber food to manage this problem. On the other hand, in order to evade diarrhea, make sure you eat a lot of fatty foods.

  1. Bad Breath

As your body starts burning off fats, it produces ketones which causes your breath to smell like acetone. Increase the amount of fluids you take in and use mouth-wash to help with this issue.

The ketogenic diet side effects manifest themselves differently in different people. Some symptoms disappear after a couple of weeks, yet others continue facing these problems for a longer period of time.  It is a good idea to consult your doctor before changing your diet plan.


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