Ketogenic diet And Vegetables

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A lot of people starting the ketogenic diet for the first time are confused about creating their meal plans. As it is a high protein diet, they end up eating only eggs, chicken and dairy. They don’t even consider the variety of vegetables that can be included in a ketogenic diet.

Here is a list of the most nutritious ketogenic diet vegetables to help you start on your journey to good health:

  1. Dark green vegetables:

As with any other diet plans leafy greens are the holy grail of vegetables. Being extremely high in vitamins like A, C and K, they can actually improve the skin, eyesight and other body functions.  Good examples of these are cucumber, broccoli and cauliflowers etc. They have low amounts of carbs and great for your ketosis.

  1. Non-green vegetables:

They are numerous other vegetables that can be taken on low carb diet. Mushrooms are extremely delicious and can be cooked in a wide variety of way. They only have 2.26 carbohydrates per a 100 gram of serving. Another yummy alternative is avocado which are a favorite of keto-followers with just 1.84g of carbs.

Garlic can be used while marinating meat and has about 0.99g per cloves. Bamboo shoots, asparagus, egg plants are all great to have on this diet.

  1. Veggies to dodge with keto:

Favorite vegetables like potatoes, corn, yams and beans have more than 15 grams of carb in 100 grams serving and thus should be avoided. As you are allowed to go up to 20grams of carbs per day in ketogenic diet you can take any of these in very small amount, if you really desire to enjoy them.

  1. Veggies high in carb but good

Although carrots, pumpkin and onions have are also high in carbs but they can be taken in a judicious amount to sustain our body functions and satisfy our palettes.

  1. How to enjoy these veggies

Planning a meal to include these ketogenic diet vegetables every day in your diet can really benefit the outcomes of this diet. You can include them as aside dishes to steaks and add them to your stews and soups.

There are many ways to enjoy vegetables on your ketogenic diet. Just stick to low carb greens and you are to go.



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