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What is the Ketogenic Diet? | A Detailed Guide

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The ketogenic diet is a clinically tested diet which has required an amount of protein, low carbohydrates, and high fat. Initially, the diet was used for curing epilepsy in children. Because of the ketogenic diet, the body starts to burn the fat and not the carbohydrates.

When the fat of the body is burnt, it generates two bi-products that are fatty acids and ketones. The production of ketones, fuels up the brain functions. Hence, lowering the incidence of epileptic seizure.

How does ketogenic diet help?

The ketogenic diet helps in many ways some of them are-

  1. Overcoming epilepsy

The children who are suffering from epilepsy or even the young people who are suffering from epilepsy are given this kind of diet. The diet is so structured that it starts to break down the fat in the body. As the body breaks down the fat, it produces two compounds that are fatty acids and ketones.

Usually, the body uses glucose for getting energy and for the maintenance of the body. But due to the low availability of glucose in the body, the ketone gets supplied to the brain and fuels up the brain cells. As the brain gets energy from ketones body cells and not from glucose, there are fewer occurrences of seizures in the body of epileptic patients. People who underwent the test said that the seizures have lowered by 50%.

  1. Helps in weight loss

The people who are interested in weight loss can also use this diet to get rid of those extra lbs. You can get rid of those extra pounds as this diet promotes burning of fat rather than carbohydrates. Hence you visibly get rid of those fat layers easily. 

  1. Controls blood sugar

It also helps to reduce your blood sugar level because of the food intake that you have. A patient who is diabetic can not produce insulin. Hence when there is more amount of glucose present in the body which cannot be burnt the sugar levels are indicated high in the body. Hence, with the help of Ketogenic diet sugar levels will always stay under control. 

  1. Mental focus

Due to the ketogenic diet, the body starts to break down fat available in the body and converts it into fatty acids and ketones. The increased level of fatty acid in the body helps to regain mental focus and improve concentration.

Food items that you can eat a ketogenic diet

Usually, when you are on a ketogenic diet, you need to have low carbs and food that are high in fat. Hera is the few food items that you can add in your ketogenic diet.

  1. Cheese

Eating cheese can be very beneficial when you are on a ketogenic diet. There is a number of cheeses available in the market pick the one that is high in fat and low in carbs.

  1. Vegetables

You should have vegetables that do not contain starch in them that are low on calories and carbs. Search for vegetables that are high in nutrition and Vitamin C. You must avoid eating vegetables like potatoes and beets instead you can have vegetables like spinach and sprouts.

  1. Non vegetarian

Eating non-veg can also be a good option in the ketogenic diet. Fresh meat and poultry are a good option because they do not have carbs in them and they are a rich source of potassium, minerals, and vitamins. They are high in protein, and that is what you exactly need in a ketogenic diet.

  1. Eggs

Eggs are the best way to health on a Ketogenic diet. While, Eggs will also help you feel full and will lower the craving for sugar and carbohydrates. Unlike many people who talk about diet plans, tell you to avoid egg yolk. It is not the same on the ketogenic diet. In a ketogenic diet, you need to have the whole egg. 

  1. Coconut oil

The ketogenic diet must contain coconut oil. Coconut oil has medium chain triglycerides. That means they do not have long chain fats instead they have short chain facts. They are easily absorbed by the liver and instantly produce ketones in the body.

  1. Cottage cheese

We all know that cottage cheese is a source of high protein. It contains a very low amount of carb. And that is what exactly you need in a ketogenic diet. This also gives you a feeling of fullness in your body and hence, it lowers the craving for sweets and carbohydrates.

  1. Nuts

All kind of dry fruits and nuts are your best friend in a ketogenic diet. These dry fruits and nuts contain high fiber in them, and many minerals and vitamins are intact in them. Also when you eat such kind of nuts the energy required to digest them is more as compared to the energy that they provide.

How Ketogenic diet helps?

Ketogenic diet helps you in many different ways. It helps you overcoming epilepsy, it will reduce the stress levels in your body, It will help you lose weight, and to top it all, it also helps you regulate your blood sugar levels. Because of the items that are involved in the ketogenic diet that you can eat. Your energy level never goes down as it does in another kind of diets.

The ketogenic diet is a scientifically designed diet to help your body sustain and be healthy. The diet not only helps you physically but it also helps you mentally. All search ketogenic diet should only be practiced under a supervision of a qualified doctor. Check out this article!


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