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Ketones result because of body’s fat burning mechanism. A person is suffering from diabetes results in Ketones because of insulin deficiency and high blood sugar levels. In the absence of appropriate amount of insulin, the body naturally begins to produce glucose that gets mixed up in the bloodstream. As a result, it enters the body cell and starts burning fat rather than glucose. Gradually the problem stimulates because of which Ketones get mixed with blood and are excreted in the form of urine.

Major causes of high blood sugar levels

  • Missing oral medicines
  • More stress level
  • More consumption of carbohydrates
  • Persistent sickness
  • Blocked or disconnected insulin pump

Which symptoms signify the presence of Ketones?

Some of the most common health scenarios that signify the presence of Ketons include; frequent thirst, urination, vomiting, fatigue, dry mouth, and blurry vision.

Is there any way to test Ketones?

There are three effective testing methods for checking the presence of Ketones. The first method includes having a blood test, while the other includes a urine and breath test. Ketones initially appear in the bloodstream and eventually get mixed with urine. Hence testing the presence of it through a blood test is the best way to detect the problem at its early stage.

Urine test:

In order to check Ketones, extract a little urine in a test strip and compare the strip color with the health chart. The darker color signifies the presence of Ketones in your urination. You can also use the Ketones meters available in the market.

Blood test:

Just drop a little blood in the machine, and the results will be instantly displayed on the screen.


Breadth test:

You can also test the presence of Ketones through the ketone breath analyzer machine. A simple measurement can be done anytime you want. It is the best and economical option in comparison to other methods of ketones detection. Breadth method is the easiest to initiate. The consumption of water and alcohol can influence the measurements. Various zones of the device would depict the Ketones present in your body; for instance, yellow zone symbolizes Optimum Nutrition levels of Ketones.

What are the remedies ?

If the blood or urine test has been detected positive for Ketones, it becomes important to carefully monitor the blood sugar levels and hydration of the body. Ensure that you consume a lot of water and a little amount of Carbohydrates so that it becomes easier for your body to flush Ketones.

Also, ensure to test your blood sugar after every few hours so that your progression can be known. Keep checking the ketones until and unless they are detected as negative. Do not strain yourself through excessive exercises. Patients suffering from Ketones generally have stimulated levels if more workouts are initiated. Moderate levels of Ketones should not worry you as they can be treated through self-monitoring. Your flushing system would help you to do that. However, if you have a larger amount of Ketones, the best would be to consult a Health Care squad.

Once you are detected with Ketones, quickly search for some medical remedies. Ignoring the disease can result in the development of diabetic Ketoacidosis.

Biological role play of Ketones

As quoted in a case study “Our sectors never consumed meals thrice a day; rather they had food whenever it was available. Sometimes they managed several days without having any proper diet. Their body was prepared to bear the scarcity and developed the ability to consume fat as an alternative source of energy.”

If you carefully analyze the studies of health practitioners, you would find that fat is the latter energy source, while sugar is the former. It won’t be wrong to say that fat is a healthy and a better energy source.

The modern eating trend is the main reason behind all the ailments. We all consume meals at least thrice in a day along with munching now and then. Frequent eating results and deposition more sugar levels resulting in the incapacity of the body to burn fat. Modern junk foods damage our body and hamper the natural production of Ketones. The excessive consumption of Carbohydrates generates blood sugar, hormonal imbalance, inflammation and several other problems. You can escape the problems by adopting the correct dieting plan and monitoring your routine regime.

How does it help us?

Adenosine triphosphate ATP is the primary energy source of a human body. The mitochondria present in every cell consume the Ketones or glucose. Ketones are important energy molecule. It simply means that when your body would be burning fat to convert them into Ketones, you are actually going to have a sustainable and stable energy source. The burning of fat doesn’t generate the unwanted blood sugar insulin levels. The enhanced hormonal balance lowered inflammation, and induced brain activity is some of the common benefits of normal ketosis level.

People have reported much better health after having keto diets. Lesser hunger, more control on cravings and emotional balance is experienced after gaining the ketone stability.

Types of Ketones

  1. Acetone
  2. Beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB)
  3. Acetoacetate

BHB is not actually a Ketone. Somehow it forms a part of Ketone benefits. Acetone manifests the metabolic effect that breaks down the excepted ketone through urine or breadth. Excretion of Ketone through breath is termed as keto breath. It is the commencement of keto-adaption. The same can be detected through the keto breath analyzer.


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