The Effects of Ketogenic Diet on Blood Pressure

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Hyper tension or high blood pressure has become a problematic health issue that many people around the world have been experiencing lately.

There must be certain factors in our environment which are causing an increase in this ailment. A systolic pressure between 140 to 180 and a diastolic measure between 100 to 110 is considered high, albeit on different ranges.

Foods affecting blood pressure

Those suffering from high blood pressure would be greatly relieved to hear that with some adjustments to your diet you can actually bring about a great change while you focus on normalizing your blood pressure.

Do you realize the food we eat can cause metabolic reactions which are either very beneficial or very harmful for us? Studies show that a high carbohydrate diet can actually result in high blood pressure.

The Curse of The Western Diet

Also known as “western disease”, high blood pressure is the result of the high sugar, high carb diet we are putting into our mouths on a daily basis. Leading a state of ketosis in your lives can actually bring about many health benefits. Normalizing your blood pressure is just one of them.

Numerous studies show the relationship between ketogenic diet and blood pressure. Lowering the insulin level in your body can actually decrease the uric acid production, which is the main culprit of high blood pressure.

What’s the science behind this?

Dr. Robert Lustig’s journal paper in Elsevier clears the whole concept of exactly how a ketogenic diet reduces hypertension or high blood pressure. It seems that the fructose in our normal diet is the main culprit.

When we consume a high carb or high sugar diet we are forgetting that our food contains both glucose and fructose. Although a percentage of glucose is good for our body, since it produces the fuel and energy which we require on our daily basis, the fructose actually isn’t accounted for.

The liver breaks it down to produce even more glucose and uric acid. The dangerous combination of high levels of glucose and uric acid narrows our blood vessels, culminating in the advent of hyper tension and high blood pressure.

What You should do

Now that you know that ketogenic diet and blood pressure reduction go hand in hand, go ahead, eat a normal diet of salt and fats. Just control your carbs on the way to a great ketosis state and a healthy lifestyle.


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