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The rules of a ketogenic diet that you have to follow

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Ketegenic diets have become increasingly popular these days because it helps you to keep fit and healthy. But there are certain ketogenic diet rules that you have to follow. This diet should have a low carbohydrate content, adequate amount of protein and a lot of fat.

This is a life style diet and varies slightly from person to person. So before you start following this diet it is important to find out the one that is most suitable for you.

What should you eat?

Keto diet should consist of just 5% carbohydrate, around 25% protein and around 75% fat. Initially this may sound a little tough to you. However, you will soon realize that following this diet is quite simple. The effects of fat, proteins and carbohydrates are different.

Factors on which the keto diet of an individual depends

The effect of these macronutrients depends on the way they are digested. It also depends on the effect of the glucose that is there in the blood.

Carbohydrates have a tendency to raise the insulin level in the blood and so they are completely anti-ketogenic.

Proteins can be regarded as both ketogenic as well as anti ketogenic. This is because around 50% of the protein that is there in the food converts into glucose which again raises the insulin level. The food that is rich in fat is 10% anti-ketogenic and 90% is ketogenic. The anti-ketogenic element has the ability to convert triglycerides into glucose only when it is required by the brain.

Benefits of having food that has a lot of fat content

Fat does not have much effect on ketosis. The effect is on the amount of fat that it is able to burn. In order to lose weight you have to burn the body fat. But consuming very less amount of fat you will feel hungry and the effect will be completely counterproductive. The ketogenic diet rules that you need to follow is different for different people. So it is important to follow the diet plan that is suitable for your body type.

Other rules that you have to follow

When you are on a ketogenic diet there are certain important rules that you have to follow:

  • It is important to stay hydrated always
  • The amount of salt intake should increase
  • Eat the amount that will satisfy your hunger

Following the above mentioned rules you will surely be able to have a proper ketogenic diet.


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