Thursday, March 21

What is Ketosis?

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The process of producing Ketone bodies when the body breaks down fat is called as ketosis. We all know that the body receives the energy required to work by breaking down of glucose. In the absence of insulin, the glucose cannot get converted into energy. Now to derive energy the body starts to break down fat.

As it starts to break fat, it creates compounds called ketones. The entire process of breaking down of fat and forming Ketone is known as ketosis. The food that we eat gets converted into glucose in our body for providing the energy. To convert glucose into energy, the body requires insulin.

But when we break down the fat the body does not require insulin to produce energy. Ketosis is mostly found in people who have low insulin level that is the people who have a diabetic condition.

When does ketosis occur?

The human body is so made that it has its own mechanism to survive. During that time then the body needs energy it will try to burn glucose available in the body. If there is a shortage of glucose level in the body or if there is an insufficient amount of insulin to burn that glucose and convert into energy.

Then the body will start to break down the fat molecules. Because according to the body, it is going into starvation mode. Hence, the body starts to create the process of ketosis.

If not only related to lack of insulin or lack of glucose in the body, Ketosis can also occur when the human body is running low on carbs diet. If you are not a diabetic person or your sugar levels are fine, and still, you get results of high ketone level in your body. Then it is possible that the reason can be excessive alcohol consumption.

Is the production of ketosis dangerous?

Usually, the production of ketosis is not considered to be dangerous. But anything in excess can be a danger. If the production of ketosis is not in normal level, then it is considered to be dangerous. A scientist has also proven that a diet which stimulates ketosis is very helpful for weight loss.

Many people across the world are now getting more and more attracted towards the keto diet the keto diet helps drastically in weight loss. However excessive production of ketosis can increase the level of ketones body in our blood cells which makes the blood acidic in nature.

Because of excessive presence of ketones in the body and the blood turning acidic it causes ketoacidosis. Ketoacidosis can take you to great risk. Ketosis can cause a person to go into a coma or even cause death.

What are the safe levels of ketosis?

Kidneys and liver are the first things that get affected because of the high level of ketosis. The people who are on insulin and have the ketosis level as 1.5 mmol/l are most likely to end up having ketoacidosis.

The people who are tested with ketones level of 1.6 to 3.0 mmol/l are said to be at high risk or have a higher level of ketones. When you are at a high level of ketosis, you need to take in some medications, and you can get the level under check.

The people having Ketone levels of 3 mmol/l or more have a very high level of ketones and must immediately contact a doctor and take precautionary measures.

How to Trigger safe ketosis level?

Ketosis has many benefits such as it safeguards a person from type 2 diabetes, it safeguards a person against neurological disorder; it helps in weight loss, and also boosts up overall well-being of a person. Hence, to trigger your body to enter into ketosis process the following things can be put into consideration.

  1. Low carb

To kick-start your body of ketosis this is the first thing that you can do. Cut down the consumption of carbs in your body. When you take low carbs, you deprive the body of the required glucose. When the glucose is not available for the body to be converted into energy. It will start to burn the fat, and that is how you will enter into ketosis.

  1. Increase your physical activity

Get active to get yourself into ketosis. When you start to exercise, your body needs energy, and you start to burn glycogen that is stored in your body. The depleted supply of glycogen can only be revived when you eat carbs. When you do not eat carbs, the body will start to breakdown the fat, and hence you will enter into ketosis.

  1. Protein intake

Maintain a higher level of protein in your body because it is needed for repair and maintenance of the body. Not only for maintenance but also helps in keeping up the muscle mass. The protein is also very necessary for producing glucose that is required for some of the body parts that cannot use ketones for operation.

  1. Coconut oil

Coconut oil can be very beneficial to kick-start your body of ketosis. The oil contains medium-chain triglycerides. The coconut oil gets easily absorbed and helps in producing energy and gets converted into ketones.

Coconut oil also has its own benefits than just getting you in ketosis. For example consumption of coconut oil helps in digestion related side effects and diarrhea issues.

Ketosis can be effective for the body to overcome many illnesses. Always enter into a keto diet when you consult your doctor. Do not undertake any such diet without consulting your doctor. Keep a proper check of ketosis level in your body.


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